Kim Donica, LCSW
Executive Director 
 Katie Plax, MD
Medical Director
 Kelly Righton, LCSW
Director of SPOT Programs

 Chardial "Chay" Samuel, LCSW
School Based Health
Center Coordinator
 Rochelle Moore, MA, LPC
COACH Program Manager
 Lawrence Lewis, MSW, LCSW
Director of Prevention
 Sarah Hudson
Prevention & Outreach Specialist
Jeremy Beshears
Prevention Coordinator
Brandon Moore
Prevention & Outreach Specialist
 Michael Gendernalik
Prevention & Outreach Specialist
Liz McQuaid
Prevention Case Manager
Lamarkus Jones
Prevention Specialist
 Liz Neuf
Case Manager
 Jessika Gray-Ross, MA
SPOT Case Manager
Tammera Jackson, MA
Drop In Coordinator 
 Nicole Lomax, RN
Community Nurse
Adam Kepka, LPC
Mental Health Specialist 
Christine Wang, LPC
Mental Health Specialist

 Gaurav Kaushik, MBBS, 

Coordinator of Quality Improvement
 Terianne Lindsay, NP
Nurse Practitioner
Carrie Shouse, RN
Youth Nurse Coordinator
Angela Williams, PMH-NP
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Denise Wilers, MD
 Sarah Mermelstein, MD
Adolescent Medicine
  Catherine Wright, LCSW
Mental Health Specialist
 Sarah Garwood, MD
Adolescent Medicine 
Shacona Washington
Administrative Coordinator  

Joy Onukogu, MA, LPC
School Based Health Center Case Manager
Kimberly Snyder, RN
  Youth Nurse Coordinator
Andrea Giedinghagen, MD
 Alisha Fisher
Drop In Specialist

Corinne Embree

School Based Health Center Medical Assistant/Front Desk Registration