HIV and STD Testing

Walk-in testing is available daily from 11am - 4pm, with limited testing on Fridays. If you have symptoms (discharge, pain with urination, bleeding) or need STD treatment, you will need to come after 1pm see a medical provider (see days & times above or on Facebook).

HIV: For all youth seeking HIV testing, a risk assessment will be completed with a discussion of strategies/goals to reduce future risks. Rapid testing is done with a finger stick and results available in 20 minutes. A reactive rapid test result will be confirmed with a blood draw and additional test. Youth with a confirmed positive result will be connected to medical care and social services.

STD Testing is available for: syphilis (also called pox or bad blood), gonorrhea (also called clap), Chlamydia, Herpes, and trich.

All results are available in 2-3 days. Medical treatment is offered for all positive results.