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Medical Care

Medical services are available on a walk-in and appointment basis and include:

  • HIV/STD testing (HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia)
  • STD treatment (medication if you have a STD or if your partner has one)
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Birth control, including Plan B ("morning-after pill")
  • Symptom assessment – a physician can help you determine how to treat symptoms, like bleeding, pain with urination, discharge or itching in your genital area, bumps or rashes.

Walk in services:

Capacity limits us to seeing 4-5 people daily for walk-in visits for those who arrive by 1pm. Patients will be seen in the order of arrival until our daily capacity is reached. 

Please be patient and plan to wait 1-2 hours to be seen, and you can utilize drop in services while you wait.

  • Offered MONDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY at 1pm - Check Facebook before coming.


  • Offered MONDAY-THURSDAY from 11am-4pm and TUESDAY 5-8pm- Check Facebook before coming.


  • Offered MONDAY-FRIDAY from 1pm-4pm, and TUESDAY 5-8pm - Check Facebook before coming.


If you want to start birth control or have symptoms, you can schedule an appointment by calling us on WEDNESDAY at 11am to get an appointment for the THURSDAY.

Appointments are scheduled on a first-call, first-scheduled basis. Please do not call for appointments earlier than 11am. Appointments will be scheduled at 11am and until all slots have been booked.

To schedule, call 314.535.0413