Vision, philosophy, and guiding principles

Youth partnering with community for social justice and health represents the vision for The SPOT. True to this vision, The SPOT welcomes ALL youth (13-24) and responds to their particular needs through a comprehensive model of health and social services.

At The SPOT youth can:

  • access health and prevention services;
  • strive for positive educational and vocational outcomes;
  • have a voice and influence in their communities through leadership opportunities.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy requires that The SPOT be structured around the following guiding principles

  1. remove barriers that currently impede youth from seeking or obtaining health and prevention services;
  2. create a center separate from a child or adult clinic environment that is youth-specific;
  3. combine needed health and social services into a single setting;
  4. engage youth in all aspects of the program development and allow opportunities for their leadership to be fostered;
  5. successfully link youth into the existing healthcare system by addressing and eliminating specific barriers.

The SPOT & Project ARK

The SPOT and Project ARK are both programs of Washington University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics. They partner together to provide HIV prevention and support services to youth and young adults. This includes HIV/STI testing and treatment, PrEP and PEP services, and referrals to case management and mental health support.

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